Lately I Have Been Pretty Big Into Swimming. I like it better right now because there are not as many people at the swimming pool and when there are not as many people at the swimming pool there is a lot more room to swim, and lay out and also I am uncomfortable in my bathing suit so having less people around is pretty good. In April, which is the month that it is now, there are almost never any lines for the snack bar. I am not a big fan of lines.

Another thing that is nice about swimming when there aren’t as many people around is that you don’t have to be as worried about pee. You still can’t swim in the little kid pool, because that water is about 45% pee, but in the big kid and grownup pool it is almost no pee, both because the big kid and grownup pool has more water and because big kids and grownups don’t pee in the pool very much.

The last thing about swimming in the pool when there aren’t very many people at the pool than I am a big fan of is that they don’t have laps as much. Now, I am a grownup, so I can stay in the swimming pool even when all the kids have to get out of the swimming pool, but some of the other grownups are just no good at all to swim with. All they want to do is swim back and forth which is called laps which I talked about earlier. Laps are not very fun and the swimming pool is supposed to be a fun place so I like it when people don’t swim as much laps.

I have a favorite thing at the swimming pool. My favorite thing is not the high dive. I do not like the high dive because it is scary and I don’t think being scared is a good part of going to the swimming pool to have fun. If I was going to dive I would use the normal diving board and not the high dive because I am not a big fan of being scared when I am at the pool. Plus when you are on the high dive you are out of the water and you are in your bathing suit and I am uncomfortable in my bathing suit. Those are the reasons why I don’t think the high dive is very good.

My favorite thing at the swimming pool is also not the water slide. My favorite thing at the swimming pool used to be the water slide. The water slide is not my favorite thing at the swimming pool anymore because I am a grownup now and grownups are too big for the water slide, even though I don’t think I am, the life guard says I am and says I can’t go on the water slide. So the water slide is not my favorite thing at the swimming pool anymore.

I also don’t think the normal diving board is very good, but it is definitely not as bad as the high dive.

Instead of the high dive, the water slide and the normal diving board, my favorite thing at the swimming pool is the deep end. I like the deep end because I am a very good swimmer. I am a big fan of swimming, and swimming underwater, and the deep end is the best place to swim underwater. If you go to a swimming pool and they don’t have a deep end you kind of say “hey, what is the point of this swimming pool.” I bet you didn’t ever think of that. You never realized how important the deep end is to being a good swimming pool. I think the deep end is pretty good.

Now I know we are all enjoying a good talk about how nice the swimming pool is, and especially how nice it is to go to the swimming pool this time of year, when the swimming pool is not so busy, but I am afraid I have something bad about the swimming pool that needs to be talked about. Actually I have two bad things to say. One is that Talking Dog comes there and everyone thinks that Talking Dog is so great even though there is supposed to be NO DOGS at the swimming pool and talking dog gets hair in the pool and I am really sick of Talking Dog. I already wrote about Talking Dog enough so I think we should probably move on the other bad thing about the swimming pool.

At the swimming pool there are bullies. The life guards don’t like to admit it, but everyone who swims a lot at the swimming pool knows that it is true that there are bullies there. I know that because I’m a grownup I’m a little old for having bully problems, but I have some bad news about that. It turns out there are grown up bullies too. They are not as bad as kid bullies, but they can still say mean things to you, and if you are already upset because it is hard to swim in the deep end with all the people jumping off the high dive it is just about all you can take. I wish there were no bullies, I really do.

Even with Talking Dog and some bullies, I still really like swimming at the swimming pool. I think that swimming is so much fun that even with some bad things it is a really good idea to go to the swimming pool. Otherwise you would have to swim in a lake or a creek and those are cold and dirty.