What happened to the site with the comics and the pictures?

It’s over here.

Is this a blog?

This is not a blog.

It looks like a blog.

Yeah, well, it isn’t.

I think it is.

Look, a “blog”, short for “weblog”, is supposed to be a site made up of a series of links with commentary, logging your day’s journey along the Information Super-Highway. It has evolved to mean pages made of short, unedited crap posts, usually about one’s personal life. In my day that was called LiveJournal.

Then what is it?

A page — occasionally including short, unedited crap posts NOT about my life — that will be primarily used for me to post longer works, such as short stories and essays.

Can we exchange links?

If you want to link to KillAllTheWhiteMan, awesome. Please do. If you want me to link to you, it’s easy. Just make a relevant comment on a post, and fill in the Website field when you do.