Hot tubs are creepy.

Really? I find them relaxing.

Sure, if it’s just you, or maybe one other person, but that’s not how they’re advertised, or even generally thought of.

What’s so weird about it? How is it weirder than a pool?

You can DO something in a pool. Swim around, be active, or even float. Hot tubs are all close quarters and heat. All you can really do is sit there and float.

What’s wrong with that? It’s therapeutic.

Exactly! That’s weird! “Hey guys, wanna come soak with me in a basin of hot, chemically treated water? It’s not weird at all. We can all enjoy the health benefits of the same hot water. Together.”

Do you really think that’s the way most people think of hot tubs?

Totally, check out this picture:

As advertised.
It’s totally normal and wholesome for a bunch of friends to come over and have a hot tub party, and just sit around together being really warm.

I guess the idea of having a hot tub party is kind of weird, but do people really do that?

YES! Except it looks way less wholesome and way more at-least-half-of-these-girls-is-going-to-get-her-boobs-grabbed. I looks like this:

As experienced.
And the thing is, it’s even creepier, because a party like that always has this undercurrent, where at least a few of the people are hoping/fearing it will turn into a party like this:

As desired.
It’s like all these people are secretly interested in swinging, and the hot tub is their way of experimenting within social boundaries.

I guess now that you point it out, it’s pretty weird. It’s a lot like taking a bath with someone, which is pretty intimate. Everyone in the hot tub is kind of implicitly flirting with everyone else the whole time, just by being there.

Plus all that hot water makes me have to pee.

You and me both, sister.




















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