The Man on the Street shook his head as the black bus slowed to a stop half way through the crosswalk. All he could see through the tinted windows were silhouettes, mostly women, dancing. He could hear what they were dancing to though. The Man on the Street was no big fan of Rap, but he still recognized Da Aural Sounz Krew’s latest hit, Beautiful Belle. The constant ringing through the verses was pretty distinctive.

Inside, Dudeman sat in the back room, hunched over his laptop.

He’d been working on the song in bits and pieces for months. It had never felt like he was getting any closer, and yet he found himself suddenly unable to change a not. It was perfect. He’d written the perfect love song.

Up front, Pope X was getting tired of waiting.

He walked to the back of the bus, and beat his hand against the door. Da Aural Sounz Krew had been on tour supporting the Grammy winning Visual Picture album for six months. And nine nights out of ten, Dudeman sat by himself in the back, screwing around with his laptop. Enough was a enough.

“Yo, come in man, check this out.”

Pope X opened the door to find Dudeman, still bent over the laptop, grinning wide. “Pope, you gotta hear this shit!”

“C’mon man, save that, we got girls out front. Everybody’s starting to think somethings up with you.”

“Shh! Just listen, turn that down, here,” he pressed play, “check this out.”

As the laptop’s speakers struggled to be heard at all over the bus’ PA, Pope X wrinkled his nose. “Dude, what is that?”

Dudeman, motioned for him to come in “You need to hear it right. Come in and put on the headphones.”

“Shit man, what is that beat?”

“It’s three and two thirds four time.”

“Yeah, but where’s the bass? Do those lyrics even rhyme?”

“They rhyme when they need to man, you have to trust me. Come back and listen to this.”

One of the girls wandered to the back of the bus “What is that? That’s not for the next album, is it?”

Pope X jerked his head toward the bus “Come on out Dudeman, there’s ass all over the place.”

The girl turned back and scowled. “Excuse me?”

“What? I just said it. I didn’t tell you to dress that way.”

Dudeman closed his laptop and joined the party.