Professor Andrews sighed as he looked up at the nearly empty lecture hall. He thought back to his days as an adjunct faculty member, teaching Simple Particle Physics in that same room. In the last year and a half most of the funding had been cut off, and all but the most devoted of graduate students had abandoned their courses.

Andrews looked up at the room again, this time filling with anger. Why the fuck are you kids even here? It’s over. We were wrong. No one gives a pint of piss for how much we’ve accomplished with what we had, our contributions to society are instantly rendered quaint when some smart ass 6-year-old girl suddenly transcends a three-dimensional understanding of reality and is able to perceive the infinite-null-infinite nature of existence. Who gives a shit about light waves when you realize it’s all just a shared delusion. Mother. Fuck.

He pointed a finger at a blond boy named Derrick who was sitting toward the front. “You, why are you here? It’s over. There’s no final. It doesn’t matter. It’s like finishing a class in the health benefits of blood letting.”

“Well, honestly professor, I figured I was almost done. What the heck, you know? I mean, once I abandon the physical self for an eternal comprehension, it won’t matter. So why not?”

Andrews wanted to smash everything. Not just the things in the room, everything. He wanted to go back to the big bang, when the entire universe was in one small cluster, and just smash a truck through it.

Except that there was no big bang. The whole of being was composed from, according to those who had begun their ascendancy, wishes and faeries. Everything else had been, as Jenny Abrams explained, “a big game of pretend!”

Jenny Fucking Abrams . That little cunt. Six fucking years old, and HOW DARE SHE? I’d been to the super collider! I was looking for the God Damn answers and she just fucking scribbles it up with some crayons on the back of a mother fucking IHoP placemat! “Oh no mommy! I makes ever so much sense!”

The professor looked up to see the discomfort in his students’ eyes and realized that last bit had been out loud. He cleared his throat and apologized.

“Alright. Do we have any questions remaining from last Tuesday’s class?”