Apparently SOME people can’t tell the difference between The Atom, and Captain Atom. Sure, they’re both DC Superheroes that aren’t very popular, but that doesn’t make them the same.

FACT: Only the Atom was a member of the Justice League. Captain Atom was never a member.

FACT: Captain Atom, despite having been displaced in time, is still a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. The Atom has NO Governmental sanctions or affiliantions.

FACT: While both characters are Silver Age reinventions of Golden Age characters, only Captain Atom has a similar origin and power-set. The Golden Age Atom was just a short physicist.

FACT: Apparently there is a new version of The Atom, and he’s asian. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t read it.

FACT: Greg Weisman wrote Captain Atom for a while. He also created Disney’s Gargoyles. He recently wrote the first issue of the new comic, continuing the story. You should buy it.

FACT: The Atom’s ex-wife went crazy and killed some people to get him to love her again. HOLY SHIT.

FACT: Captain Atom recently destroyed the WildStorm universe, or restarted it or something. I don’t know. Then he killed Breach? Who was supposed to be Captain Atom from Earth-8 if there had been an Earth-8 instead of Crisis on Infinite Earths? I don’t know. Infinite Crisis didn’t make a lot of sense.