There has been much activity in the realm of Mexican Snack Food.

First, Mexican Coke is, as Matthew noted, a well discussed phenomenon. I found some semi-locally, but not locally enough for the per bottle deposit to be reasonable. $4 a bottle when I want to stock up is Way Too Much. Fortunately, there are quite a few more Mexican Markets for me to look into, and if all else fails there are a few options online. The best deal for my needs appears to be MexGrocer. It came out to about $2 per bottle, shipped. It’s still steep, but I can afford to do it every once in a while.

Apparently the import of Mexican Coke is something the US bottlers do everything they can to fight. See, Coke is a very distributed company, in terms of who owns what, and all the production and bottling is done by several different companies. The bottlers in the US can’t really afford to use cane sugar instead of corn syrup, and are trying to block the import of the superior Mexican product. So much for NAFTA. Apparently in some places it’s so bad that Mexican Coke is only sold by distributors in person, for cash, with no receipt. There are even stories of local governments fining and bullying distributors despite the fact that there’s nothing illegal about importing a legitimate foreign version of a product.

Finally, if you want to try some cane sugar Coke, be ready next April. A little before Passover each year (April 2, 2007 is the next one), some stores will carry Kosher for Passover Coke. Since Jews Hate Corn* they refuse to have corn syrup during Passover. Since Thirst Knows No Season a bottler in New York puts out Coca Cola that even the most Observant Jew can drink.

Mexican Doritos however, are a bust so far. No sign of them in the markets, not a store online that sells them, and not even discussion of the superior flavor. Since Sabritos, the Mexican distributor is actually just an arm of Frito-Lay, I’ve sent an email to see if they have any suggestions on how I can give them money in exchange for a product that I enjoy. No reply yet.

Lastly, while I totally recommend the Nachos flavor of Mexican Doritos, the Diablo flavor is insanely bad. It’s not even just that they taste bad. They are Physically Unpleasant to have in your mouth. Tara thinks the aftertaste is ok, but the degree to which it isn’t worth it is not expressable using your Earth Math.

*Jews do not hate corn. One of the Mitzvahs of Passover involves avoiding eating or even owning any Chametz during passover. For certain Jewish communities, that includes corn, and corn products. This, of course, includes corn syrup. This basically leaves Matzoh, which sounds ok at first, since Matzoh is pretty good, but man, it would get old.