Have you ever owned a good wool coat? Man, I gotta say, it’s good stuff. Most people I know especially here in Seattle, which is notoriously damp, own at least one fairly serious coat. I’m surprised however how many of them focus on synthetics for the coat. Wool man. Wool is awesome. It keeps you warm, even when it’s wet! Denim doesn’t do that! DENIM GETS SUPER COLD AND KILLS YOU. Wool would never do that.

Some of you are going to mention down. Down is great… FOR THE FIRST TWO OR THREE YEARS. Down is on an inexorable downward slide in quality. Little by little the feathers and fluff will come out, your coat will get thinner, and then you’re just wearing a mediocre synthetic jacket. Awful.

Wool. Good enough for your grandpa’s suits, and good enough for you.