When someone likes to draw, it is not uncommon that they will post an incomplete, unrefined drawing on their website. We call it a sketch. In this spirit, I have decided to post an unfinished, inelegant bit of writing. I asked my homeboy Sam de Groot for a topic on which to write (specifying that I’d prefer something outlandish). He gave me this

A little boy devises a new, daft, highly improbable theory about the universe, that nevertheless turns out to be true, completely flipping everyone’s worldview.
Or a little girl, if you wish.

And as a result, I produced the following “sketch“.

NOTE: There is already a word for a short, incomplete piece of writing. That word is, handily enough, “sketch”. I was aware of this before I began this post, and have in fact referred to my short writing with this term before. Are you wondering why I started this post with a weird, rambling attempt to legitimize doing so by referencing artists’ websites? It is because I am retarded.

SECOND NOTE: Did you like this? Would you like more? If so, feel free to post requests in the comments. Be aware that I am both lazy and easily distracted, so it is entirely probable that you’ll be forgotten.