This post is going to be really nerdy. If you’re not a nerd, please accept the following euphemism for masturbation, and be on your way:

Agitating the Situation

Usage: He’s in his room, Agitating the Situation.
Thank you.


Man, I love Wednesday. Honestly, when the future happens, and all TV shows become downloadable, I hope they have a specific day of the week that they drop everything. News and such will be every day, but knowing that all your favorite shows will be available on Friday at noon would be pretty exciting.

(If you’re not a nerd, but you ignored my warning, Wednesday is the day all new comics come out. Pretty much everywhere. Some shops in the boonies, or Canada will get comics on Thursday, but these people are essentially second-class human beings.)

Books right now that are great!:

Justice Society of America: I grew up a Marvel geek, which makes the idea of me being deeply interested in probably the most DCU specific book imaginable unexpected, but that’s how good this is. When a comic where the lead characters are the Golden Age versions of the Flash and Green Lantern, and a boxer who dresses up like a cat, but it’s still so well written that you care desperately about them, you know something amazing is happening.

All-Star Superman: Again, this is strange coming from a guy who grew up Marvel, but this might actually be the best superhero comic. Just ever. I have trouble finding words to discuss how incredibly wonderful this book is.

The Immortal Iron-Fist: Once again, it’s a character I don’t have a history with, but this is a damn exciting book. It’s about this guy who kicks all these dudes and he’s all “HIIIYA!”

It rules.

X-Factor: It’s weird how almost everything I love right now is a good writer on characters I never really cared about before. Anyway, this isn’t the X-Men, it’s a detective story about the most indecisive private eye ever, and also a werewolf. And a creepy teenage girl who tells the future.

Astonishing X-Men: Finally, something I read growing up. The other two X-Men books are decent right now, but the plot on Uncanny is taking too long, and the art on Adjectiveless is a fucking mess. Astonishing has John Cassaday! And Joss Whedon! It also carries on the team from Morrison’s brilliant New X-Men run, which you should all read.

Helmet of Fate: Ibis the Immortal: This fucking sucks. Don’t read it.