January 2009

What do you get when you combine overpriced housing with lenders who have had all meaningful regulation stripped away by business friendly conservatives?

A recession!

This isn’t funny, it’s just true.

So I wrote yesterday’s joke myself, but a simple Google search will show that the punchline already existed. I believe it’s more accurate to say that no one really creates jokes like that. The joke exists, built into the language, evolving naturally, and is simply discovered.

It’s the same way no one invents gravity, or the Mandelbrot set. People notice them and describe them, but they exist a priori.

Why did the clown have a sore back?

He slept funny.

Same joke as yesterday, but change the name to Dickinson.

Most anglo last names are a reference to what the person’s ancestors did as a profession. Smiths were blacksmiths, Bakers were bakers, Shoemachers were shoe makers.

So what did the Handcocks do?