July 2006

I should emphasize “read”, because it’s pretty much just the same picture over and over.

That’s Right Kids!

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This Is Not a Test.

Apparently SOME people can’t tell the difference between The Atom, and Captain Atom. Sure, they’re both DC Superheroes that aren’t very popular, but that doesn’t make them the same.

FACT: Only the Atom was a member of the Justice League. Captain Atom was never a member.

FACT: Captain Atom, despite having been displaced in time, is still a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. The Atom has NO Governmental sanctions or affiliantions.

FACT: While both characters are Silver Age reinventions of Golden Age characters, only Captain Atom has a similar origin and power-set. The Golden Age Atom was just a short physicist.

FACT: Apparently there is a new version of The Atom, and he’s asian. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t read it.

FACT: Greg Weisman wrote Captain Atom for a while. He also created Disney’s Gargoyles. He recently wrote the first issue of the new comic, continuing the story. You should buy it.

FACT: The Atom’s ex-wife went crazy and killed some people to get him to love her again. HOLY SHIT.

FACT: Captain Atom recently destroyed the WildStorm universe, or restarted it or something. I don’t know. Then he killed Breach? Who was supposed to be Captain Atom from Earth-8 if there had been an Earth-8 instead of Crisis on Infinite Earths? I don’t know. Infinite Crisis didn’t make a lot of sense.

If you want to look at it, please click this link.


Whenever people ask me what I do, I say

“I do customer support for a small videogame company.”

Then, they say

“Oh really? Do you play games all day?”

No. No one plays games all day. That is not a job that people have.

Tonight, after hanging out with friends, Tara and I were both craving milk shakes. Speed was important because it was late. We headed for Jack in the Box, where I was going to get a 99 cent burger, curly fries and a chocolate shake. Unfortunately, we hadn’t noticed it was 2 AM, just after last call, and every drive through was packed with drunk people.

I went home and had a corn dog, and a hostess apple pie. While not really an appropriate replacement, it felt thematically similar.

This is what KillAllTheWhiteMan would be like as an every day blog. You need to realize, the delay in content here is for your benefit, not mine. I could do an entry every day just ruminating on my meals. Instead, you get high quality content like A Polaroid I Found IN Don’t Drop the Baby.

I have found a way to combine absurd comics with text heavy ranting. It’s a comic created entirely within WordPress, the software I use to publish this site. Please enjoy the first adventure of A Polaroid I Found IN The Ambiguous Nature of Truth.

Just read the essay on Gay Pride to get an idea of why. In short:

  • If you are proud because you happened to be born here, you are lazy.
  • If you are proud of this country currently, you are obviously willfully ignorant. How was FOX News this week?
  • If you are proud of the potential of this country, put down the hot dog and use the focus of the day to remind people how far we’ve fallen.
  • If you’re proud of the act of defiance itself, wear a Thomas Paine T-Shirt. I have one. It’s awesome.
  • If you just like burgers and fireworks, I guess that’s cool. Carry on.

Remember, the fourth doesn’t really celebrate the country as a whole. It celebrates the ability of a group of people to say “Hey, this government does not represent my needs, beliefs or desires. I’m out.” If this country has any hope of success, we need to remember that the principle here is that the government is meant to serve the people.