I have found a way to combine absurd comics with text heavy ranting. It’s a comic created entirely within WordPress, the software I use to publish this site. Please enjoy the first adventure of A Polaroid I Found IN The Ambiguous Nature of Truth.

On the anniversary of the raid that set off the Stonewall riots, I bravely announce, in a post so long that I’m just linking to it, that it is my opinion as a straight guy that the people involved in Gay Pride today are doing it wrong.

I wrote a bunch of short prose poems about endings. Prose Poems are what you call it when you write things that are very short or maybe just incoherent.

I spent hours last night working on the site, having it break for no reason, giving up on my shitty host, and moving the whole thing to a new host. As such, I do not have the energy for a real post. In its place is a picture of the Prophet Mohammed.

Mohammad and Dragon

The dragon represents unity.

One could argue that I missed posting yesterday, but I will simply point out that actually, the post from wednesday was actually written and posted on thursday. So everything is fine. If someone were to point out that this means I didn’t post on wednesday, I would mumble a rambling defense based primarily around the phrase “the Ides of March.”

So, I’m going to use this post, which has already become deeply irrelevant because of the incredibly uninteresting first paragraph, to give all of you some very useful information.

The KillAllTheWhiteMan Guide to Leaving a Message

With a Business:

  1. Say your name.
  2. Say your phone number. Slowly.
  3. Give a VERY brief message. You’re going to wind up going over everything again when they call back, so keep it short. If you’re over 10 seconds, you’re wasting everyone’s time.
  4. Hang up.

For a friend:

  1. Do whatever you want.
  2. This is basically an invitation for performance art.
  3. The answering machine is a stage.
  4. Sometimes I sing songs.
  5. Or act out short radio dramas.
  6. Or call whomever I’m leaving a message for “Grandma”.
  7. Once I left a ten minute long message that was me demanding the listener hang up because nothing was going to happen.
  8. It was awesome.

I’ve decided that I miss doing the Daily Words. Effective immediately until I stop, I’m going to do posts on weekdays.

First Post:

I believe that it is possible to be famous, and still be depressed. I am willing to accept that even though your emo band is on a world tour, you still feel like a hard luck case. It doesn’t make you disengenuous that you can’t cheer up, or change your self-image. It does make you an asshole.

Yes, I am going to post more stuff for the old site. In fact, I just did. There are three new comics there. Here‘s a link to the old site, here‘s a link to the updated news page, here‘s a link directly to the Stickman index, and here‘s a link to a website about cats.

Then I used latin in the title so it seemed like I was being academic instead of just hateful. In fact, this whole is probably too hateful and bitter. I should probably tone it down. But this is CYBERSPACE, and it’s not like it would cost me money to post a new version later. Thus, I present to you: Decursus MySpace, Special Vitriol Edition.

It’s the new KillAllTheWhiteMan. I’ve been planning to get this thing up and running for months, and putting it off because I wanted to finish a few things on the old site. I still want to, and I’ll post here when they’re done, but it was enough stalling.

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