When discussing the classing sixth season Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Starship Mine” yesterday, I described it as “Under Siege on a spaceship.” Tara has never seen Under Siege, and asked what it was. I answered that it was “Die Hard on a boat.” Mike asked about “Die Hard on a plane,” and I said that both Die Hard 2 and Passenger 57 were Die Hard on a plane. I didn’t include Air Force One, since that’s kind of Die Hard, but it’s also a home invasion movie.

Oddly enough, Die Hard With a Vengence is not Die Hard anywhere. It’s just about a scavenger hunt that blows up.

I guess what I’m saying is, I am not going to pay money to see Live Free or Die Hard. Instead, I’m just going to look at this picture, cause there’s no way that isn’t the best part.

He blows up a helicopter with a cop car!


So, it took me about two decades to realize that the mice in An American Tail were Jewish. It simply never occurred to me. I was looking up Dom Delousie on IMDB about a year ago and it was as obvious then as it had been to everyone else since the movie came out.


It is only within the past week or so that I’ve realized WHY I didn’t notice the Mousekewitz* family was basically just a collection of Eastern-European-Jewish-Stereotypes. I didn’t know what Jewish people were. I was raised with the understanding that the only difference between races was skin color, and that even that didn’t matter.

I have no idea how to reconcile this with the fact that my mom watched Fiddler on the Roof like ninety times.




*I know, how much more obvious could they have been?

Or cell phone number. I get some weird phone calls. It took forever to get his creditors to stop calling me.

Anyway, I just got the following text message

Hey- this is sara. I just wanted to let you know lobo got locked up. He’ll probably b there another month hopefully less — BE EASY– LOBO


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